Touring de Luxe

This new section aims at sharing with you some of our itineraries that we have built up over all the years of guiding and that you may undertake with your friends, your family or just by yourself.


We are by no means revealing our best secrets on biking and traveling through Luxembourg. With these tracks, we just want to share SOME of our favorites, and make you having a good time.


The ultimate goal will be to have a grid of trails over all Luxembourg that connect the most interesting locations for off-road bike-visits and for overnight stays. We'll try to offer always an easy as well as a more difficult option where possible. The trajectories have been chosen carefully and to our best knowledge.


Easy means ridable for any beginner that has at least 6 months of practice of mountain biking, off-road. Difficult trails are for intermediate or advanced bikers. Please have a look here for more information.


The goal of the grid is to connect locations which offer amenities, like accommodation, transportation and food. And nice trails in the surroundings... The first hubs that we are connecting will be: Luxembourg-city, Echternach, Beaufort, Larochette and Mersch (and back to Luxembourg). Of course, apart from our main direction, there will be other locations and other trails to be discovered, close by or a bit further away, but that will be your part of the game (or may be to be done with one of our guides).


The trails are published on a Dropbox folder, accessible via a password protected area. Each section of the track will link one hub to another. In principle, they are ridable in both directions but the given one is the most interesting and straightforward. We are also sharing information on the hubs (locations, accommodation, transport, etc.) and what to pay attention for when planning your trip. Please feel free to give us feedback and/or send pictures or movies. We will add the most relevant and interesting comments on our website and our Facebook account.


Tips & tricks:

Prepare the tracks with a map; never ride alone; experienced riders are always in front; if you guide a group, explore the tracks beforehand (scouting). Adapt the length of the sections to the levels of the group; anyone can walk a technical section but everyone gets exhausted if touching upon his/her limits, and puts the whole group in danger.


Finally: these trails do not replace the guiding service. In case you want to ride accompanied, send us a message: (at)



To access to the password protected area and download the tracks, send us an email to (at)


Luxembourg-city - Echternach - Beaufort - Larochette - Mersch - Luxembourg-city






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