Translux - from North to South in 2 days


A 1 hour train ride takes us the northern top of the country. After Ettelbrück, the newcomers get acquainted with the Ardennes scenery dominated by lush green forests and deep valleys. The names of the train stations sound familiar to Luxembourgers however, from the folkloric "Wa mir moies fesche gin...", counting the experience of the fishermen travelling north to catch trout in the clean Ardennes rivers named Sure (Sauer), Wiltz, then Clerve and Woltz (!) of which the train tracks follow the entranched valleys.


Arriving in Troisvierges, the journey back on our two wheels starts. It's a continuous up and down, with nice singletrails, amazing views and short but steep uphills. We pass Clervaux, come by the Sch¨ettbuerg Castle and head towards Kautenbach, time to lunch. The destination of the first day is Mersch where we stay overnight in the cosy, almost fancy Hotel-Restaurant Martha.


On the second day, we head towards Luxembourg-city through the Mamer valley, home to dozens of locals' trails, some hidden, others not. We take a detour through the "Mamer Layen", with it's caves and singletrails and climb atop the Steeseler Plateau so well known for it's apple tree plantation ("self picking"). Lunch in the capital, on the very nicely situated porch of the Youth Hostel, at the feet of the old fortification's rocks walls. Ideally situated to attack the last quarter of the epic ride, through the Alzette river valley (no, we are not going to do them all, one is missing and will be left out - yes, the Moselle!) with more singletrails then the well preserved natural woods linking the city area to the South. Final destination is Rumelange, the most southern spot. The last kilometers promise some more fun on the rocking red earth trails!



Physical level: 3-4 (80 km and 1800 m of climbing during the first day; 70 km and 1300 m uphill on the second)

Technical level: intermediate.


Guiding by Ferdy and Christian.



Organizational aspects




Starting point is the Luxembourg city train station where we will meet on the first day round 7h30 for a coffee and luggage drop. We'll have time for a chat on the program of the weekend in the train that brings us North. The camp ends at 18h00 on the second day, at the same spot.



Every participant will be responsible for the biking gear and the bike - participants without a helmet or with a clearly insufficient bike will be refused. For this trip, we recommend a cross country bike with at least 120 mm of front suspension. A full suspension bike will be an advantage but is not necessary. Participants can rent test bikes from S-cape Sports (25 EUR / day). 





This trip is currently not planned but can be offered "on demand". Please write an email to or phone +352 621 35 66 41.