Müllerthal Trailcamp: great outdoors, great trails, great way of improving your riding skills


The Müllerthal area is most famous for its hiking trails through the sandstone canyons of the white and black Ernz rivers and along the Sure river. On a length of more than 100 km, the Müllerthal Trail ("Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe" award) passes through all the natural particularities of the region. There are numerous other small hiking paths that meander through forests, pastures and impressive canyons with bizarre rock formations. In the spirit of mutual respect between hikers and bikers, we can access all these treasures, although many are really challenging, due to the multiple stone steps that have been built over the years to explore the rocky surroundings.


The approach to explore the area by bike during the three days is based on steady progress and small groups (max. 8 riders per group). Although it is not a technical training camp, the experienced guides can and will provide advice if asked for. More advanced riders might demonstrate their skills and provide stimulation and encouragement to the others.


What is most challenging in the Müllerthal are the stone stairs and the rocks covering the underground as well as some steep up/downhills. It is commonly seen as an area prone to rather advanced or even very advanced riding. On the other hand, there are also numerous large forest tracks and easier singletrails that are accessible for all riders.  Hence the technical requirement is set to 1-3, and any type of rider should find satisfaction. More than the difficulties of the natural obstacles, the cruising speed will most likely be the discrimintating factor, hence 2 groups with 2 guides. All riders should be prepared to walk small sections ("hike a bike").


All kinds of bikes are welcome, from hardtails to e-bikes, but a standard, all-suspension machine with 120-140 mm of front travel will be the most suited. Rental test bikes from S-cape are available at 25 EUR/day.


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Organizational aspects


The camp - which is open to home sleepers or with 2 overnight stays is based in Echternach, the medieval city home to the famous dancing procession that became part of UNESCO's Intangible World Cultural Heritage in 2010. This small but charming city shows many monumental works like the roman villa (1st until 5th century), the ancient Peter and Paul  church, the roman basilica (11th century) the ancient town walls, the abbey (as early as the 8th century) and the former patrician houses on the market square (18th century).


This trip is currently not planned but can be offered "on demand". Please write an email to singletrails.lu@gmail.com or phone +352 621 35 66 41.







Day 1:

- 13h00: meeting at Echternach Youth Hostel (Chemin vers Rodenhof, 6479 Echternach, Tel. +352 2627 66 400); welcome, introduction and briefing; lunch is possible (not included).

- 14h00: start of the first guided tour (30 km / 750 m of climbing). 2 Groups.


Day 2:

- On the basis of the experience of the first day, 2 groups will be formed, one for "beginners" and one "intermediate". Both will meet together for lunch and changes are possible.

- Beginners: 40 km / 750 m of climbing;

- Intermediate: 50-60 km; 1000-1250 m of climbing.


Day 3:

- Same as day 2, but with somewhat shorter distances and less climbing. The camp is planned to end at 14h00. Showers and bike wash are possible.


NB: distance and meters of climbing are indicative. The organizer reserves the right to change whenever appropriate or necessary.






This trip is currently not planned but can be offered "on demand". Please write an email to singletrails.lu@gmail.com or phone +352 621 35 66 41.