Larochette Bikecamp: beginner's weekend around the old medieval castle

Our locals, Jerry and Pitt, invite you for two days around the little village of Larochette, on the edge of the Müllerthal, dominated by one of the most impressive fortified castles of Luxembourg. Being based in Larochette allows to avoid the most difficult trails of the Müllerthal. On the other hand,  it gives the opportunity to enclose other areas, like the "Noumer Léen" (featuring sandstone rocks, canyons and caves) or the deep forests around Fischbach, offering mostly large and easy tracks.


The objective of this camp is to introduce beginners into multi-day biking and to lead them into their first singletrail experience. There are less singletrails included in a "bikecamp" than in a "trailcamp" and the ones that are, are easy to ride, flowy and not steep. The purpose will be to make participants feel at ease and enjoy, while progressing through repeating and inspiring each other.


Day 1 leads towards the west, in direction of the nice "Noumer Léen" whereas day 2 heads south, towards Fischbach. Lunch will be taken on the spot (picnic) or in a local café/camping/restaurant, in accordance with the weather conditions.


Average biking distance per day will not exceed 30-35 km, and 500-750 m of uphill climb, though there remains ample time to do more, for those who want. On the other hand, for the less experienced riders, there will almost always be a shortcut available.


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Organizational aspects


This camp is planned for 22-23 April 2017. The price is

- 105 EUR without overnight stays

- 155 EUR with one overnight stay in a local Hotel (double room, price per person)

- 185 EUR with one overnight stay in a local Hotel (single room, price per person).

This price includes the guiding only as well as breakfast for non sleepers but does not include any meals or any other expenses. Minimum number of participants is 5, maximum is 12. Registration deadline is March 31 (payment).


The camp starts at 9h00 on Saturday, April 22nd, at Hotel de la Poste in Larochette (11, Place Bleech, 7610 Larochette) with a common breakfast followed by a briefing. It ends, at the same place, on Sunday 23rd, at 15h00 A detailed road-map will be sent to the participants 1 week before the start. 


Every participant will be responsible for the biking gear and the bike - participants without a helmet or with a clearly insufficient bike will be refused. For this trip, as for all other trips, a standard cross-country bike with 100 or 120 mm front travel is sufficient. Bikes with rear suspension provide more comfort but are not needed. Participants can rent test bikes from S-cape Sports (25 EUR / day).    



Link to registration page (not binding at this stage; please use reservation code: LBC 2017)