From the Belgian Border to the Müllerthal in 3 days of relaxed biking

In three days, we will cross Luxembourg from west (belgian border) to east (german border) in order to arrive in the Müllerthal. During the three days, the tracks will lead through the geological formation of the “Grès de Luxembourg”, which is a kind of permeable sandstone that stretches in a band of about 10-20 km from Steinfort to Echternach and forms the typical rain-washed canyons of the Müllerthal. It is home to the deep and well-preserved forests of beech and oak trees that belong half to the state and half to private owners. One can hence say that we will spend some 75% of the riding in the forests, often, moreover, on gently flowing singletrails, that go up and down, just enough to be a pleasure to be ridden on.


The tour is for beginners or intermediate bikers (technical requirement): while the most difficult trails of the Müllerthal will be avoided, bikers should still be able to ride on easy singletrails. It classifies 2 out of 4 in the endurance ranking (40 km and approx. 750 m of total climb per day). For more details, please refer to the “For whom” section.


Detailed description


1. Day: Steinfort to Kopstal


The tour will start in Luxembourg-city where we will take the train in direction of the Belgian border. Arriving in Steinfort, we will follow the Eisch river on a genuine flow-trail until we reach Eischen. From there, follows a suit of ups and downs, mostly on easy singletrails, not too steep, but enough to gain some good speed and have a lot of fun. Almost no technical stuff… We will spend the night in a small but cosy Hotel in Kopstal where we will also have dinner.


Total distance: 40 km Total climb: 750 m


2. Day: Kopstal to Bourglinster


On the second day, we will enjoy some of the nicest singletrails of the Mamer valley, home to a Nature Reserve, before we will head east, towards Bourglinster (2nd night). On our way there, we will pass the famous “Raschpetzer”, the remnants of a Roman underground aqueduct, that provided the dwellers of the Alzette valley wish fresh water from the nearby plateau, a construction rediscovered in the 1980s and rather unique in its genre this side of the Alps. In Bourglinster, we will have our stay of the night in the Youth Hostel but dine out in the village.


Total distance: 40 km Total climb: 750 m


3. Day: Bourglinster to Echternach


The third and last day provides an extended ride into the well-known Müllerthal, avoiding however the most difficult singletrails. We while have a first stop in Larochette, visit the local castle, before we head towards Beaufort, giving us the opportunity to visit another very nice chateau in a splendid location. From here we head towards Berdorf, then Echternach, always enjoying nice and easy trails, great views on the Sure valley and a good deal of rocky sandstone canons. A bus with a bike trailer takes us back to Luxembourg-city.


Total distance: 40 km Total climb: 750 m



Organizational aspects


This trip is currently not planned but can be offered "on demand". Please write an email to or phone +352 621 35 66 41.