3 Countries 2 Days


Three countries in two days: most likely Luxembourg is a place that is highly suitable for this kind of experience. So here is one of a few possibilities:


We start from Luxembourg-city with a short train ride to the Belgian border and head southwards on our bikes, sometimes east, sometimes west of the frontier. Spot the ancient border marks (see picture)! The towns and villages we pass are the dormitories of the Grand-Duchy, giving shelter to the army of the so called "frontaliers" or cross-border workers, people that have a job in Luxembourg but live in the neighboring regions.


The further south we get, the more industrialized the area becomes. Passing Messancy, Longwy and Aubange, we will soon arrive in Esch-Alzette, the unofficial capital of the South and former pioneering steel metropolis. Nowadays, Esch hosts the only University of the country, and the steel work areas are being transformed into residential zones. The last part of the journey crosses the former open sky mines, the well know "Red Rock Area", a maze of often unmapped singletrails that we will ride at the end of the first day and the beginning of the second. Night in Esch/Alzette (Youth Hostel or Hotel).


And the second day, there will be quite a few kilometers on the rocking red rocks before we change direction and head North again, aiming for Luxembourg-city. If you think the fun part is over now, be wrong. After crossing the nice - protected - Kockelscheuer woods and its charming singletrails, we head towards Hesperange and follow then the meandering national river "Alzette", where the valley abounds with trails left and right, of which we will add as many as you can take, after a long journey.


Physical level: 3/4 (up to 60 km per day and 1200 m of climbing)

Technical level: intermediate.


Guiding by Luc and Christian.



Organizational aspects



This trip is planned for June, 16-17, 2018.



Starting point is the Luxembourg city Youth Hostel (2, rue du fort Olisy; L-2261  Luxembourg; Tel.: +352  26 27 66 650) where we will meet on the first day round 8h30 for a coffee and have a chat on the program of the weekend. The camp ends at 16h00 on the second day, at the same spot.





Prices are as follows, they include the guiding, the transport of the luggage, the overnight stay and the breakfast on the second day:


- Youth Hostel (double room): 140 EUR;


- Hotel **** (double room): 210 EUR;



Single room upon request and availability. Evening meals and lunches are not comprised. Registration deadline (payment received) is June 1 for the Youth Hostel and June 13 for the Hotel.



Please use the following link to the registration page (reservation code 3C2D 2018): not binding at that stage, you will be sent a registration form to be filled in, scanned and sent back. Once the payment is done, your registration is effective.



Every participant will be responsible for the biking gear and the bike - participants without a helmet or with a clearly insufficient bike will be refused. For this trip, we recommend a cross country bike with at least 120 mm of front suspension. A full suspension bike will be an advantage but is not necessary. Participants can rent test bikes from S-cape Sports (25 EUR / day).