Calendar of planned tours





Name Dates
Physical Level (endurance, 1-4)

Technical Level

Singletrail Orgy  Trailcamp 22-24 May 2020 2-3 intermediate Cancelled
Castle Tour 20-22 June 2020 1-3 beginner Cancelled
Around Schengen 17-18 October 2020 2-3 intermediate Cancelled
Müllerthal Trailcamp upon request 1-3 beginner-intermediate  
Stausee Trailcamp upon request 3-4 intermediate-advanced  
Battle of the Bulge upon request 3-4 intermediate-advanced  
Rocking the Red Earth 
upon request 1-3 beginner-intermediate  
Larochette Bikecamp upon request 1-3 beginner  
Border to Border upon request 2-3 beginner-intermediate  
 Ancient Ground upon request 2-3 intermediate  
Trailcamp Vianden upon request 2-4 intermediate-advanced  
Translux (North to South) upon request 3-4 intermediate