Free tours is offering, all along the year, "teaser" rides for free. Sole condition is to register properly and in advance, and to observe some minimum requirements, e.g. with respect to physical and technical capabilities or concerning the bike, helmet, aso.


Rides and respective requirements are announced in the calendar below. Please register by mail to stating the date and the number of participants and for each participant the email address and the mobile phone number.


S-cape gives the possibility to use it's test-bikes for a small fee; please phone the shop directly: Tél. (+352) 26 18 70 63. 





Dates Type (ladies only vs. all bikers)

Meet /


Time (meet)


level (/4)



19 May All bikers welcome Ferdy Festival Koll an Aktioun / Martelange 15h00 1-2 Beginners confirmed