Who can take part in the tours?

Our tours are classified according to technical and physical difficulties (endurance). Contrary to other tour operators, we do not overstate the respective levels, they are true descriptions of the actual situation and are to be taken as per day averages. Please do take your real capacities into account as well!



A tour can be demanding from the technical side, but feature relatively few kilometers and/or total climbing. On the other hand, some tours might exhibit long distances, say 60-80 kilometers, but less technical stuff. Longer distances that entail less climbing tend to have an easier grading (and vice-versa).



Endurance (4 levels):


- Level 1 = max. 30 km and some 500 m of total climb;

- Level 2 = max 40 km and some 750 m of total climb (or up to 50 km and at most 500 m of climb);

- Level 3 = 50-60 km and 1000-1250 m of uphill;

- Level 4 = over 60 km and 1250-1750 m of total ascent.



We distinguish 3 levels with respect to the technical difficulties:


- Beginner;

- Intermediate;

- Advanced.


A beginner, logically, started mountain biking recently, but at least six months ago. (S)he has had some first riding experience, is moderately sportive and typically rides once per week. (S)he may do other sports, but not necessarily, and has the will to learn and to progress. (S)he knows what a "singletrail" is (i.e. small, narrow hiking path - see pictures below), is not afraid to ride on it but only if it is not in too steep terrain. Please note that our beginners tours may feature some singletrails, but without putting participants into danger. If in slightly steep terrain, then without additional risk (sharp bends, roots, rocks, deep falls, …). As a matter of fact, beginners shall expect mostly large forest roads. If singletrails are included, then they shall be of type S0 on the official singletrail skala.


Typical beginner events in our program: Castle Tour, Larochette Bike Camp



Intermediate bikers have been practicing for some years, let's say three at least. Ideally, they have taken part in one of our "beginners" tours (see above), if they feel uneasy about their true level. They ride at least two times per week during the gentle seasons, and can do this for at least 50 km and 1000 m uphill. Often, they practice other sports, typically endurance-like, like road cycling, running, cross-country skiing, or action-like (downhill ski, snowboarding, …). They are mayby not the most versatile, technically speaking, but they know perfectly when to step off the bike. They are able to approach an obstacle and stand 1-2 seconds on their bike to judge its degree of difficulty. They can also without any problem get off their bike to the rear (see picture). They must be able to master S1 trails from the singletrail skala, and even maybe easy S2 trails. Again, the key is their ability to be under control of their bike in any situation and to avoid excessive risk taking. 


Tours/Trailamps for intermediate bikers: Müllerthal Trailcamp, 3 Countries 2 Days, Translux (North/South), Rocking the Red EarthAncient Ground, Stausee Trailcamp



Advanced bikers are biking for more than three years. Often they are judged by others, non-bikers, to be slightly crazy (!) with respect to the amount of biking or the kind of trails they ride. In many cases, they practice some road cycling in order to increase their fitness on the mountain bike. Normally, they have done at least one "Transalp", maybe also with their luggage in the backpack, that means, without an assisting vehicle. Their technical level lies somewhere inbetween S1 and S2, some S2 parts might however be beyond their reach. As for the intermediate biker, they control their bike and their speed in any situation. Sharp bends (switchback bends - see picture) do generally not have any secret for them, except the most narrow ones.


Events that are mainly suited for advanced bikers: Battle of the Bulge, Singletrail Orgy Trailcamp, Vianden Trailcamp



In any case, whatever respective levels are, there might be some interest to take part in professional training courses...

- very close to Luxembourg: trailtouren.de by Oliscout;

- 3 companies in Germany that I have been riding with and that I can recommend: Fahrtwind,  TrailXperience and Bergfühlung

…or to watch online tutorials that are really well done: http://www.fahrtechnik.tv/videos/


Do not hesitate to contact us for further questions (why not join us for a ride): singletrails.lu@gmail.com.


If you have still doubts, I can help you evaluate your level if you answer the following questions:

 - How long have you been mountainbiking?

- What is your weekly biking frequency?

- What is the range of distances you usually ride (i.e. 20-40 km)?

- What would be the average climb during a ride (i.e. 300-500 m uphill in total...)?

- Are you doing some road cycling on a regular basis? If yes, please indicate distance & climb?

- Are you doing other endurance-based sports on a regular basis, for ex. running, cross-country skiing, etc...

- Have you been biking several days in a row (e.g. during a biking holiday)?

- Have you been biking in a mountainous area (Alps, Black Forest, etc...)?


E-bikes are very welcome on our tours but only on the beginner's and intermediate levels.

Some examples in images:

Large track

Singletrails: beginner's level

Singletrails, advanced: getting behind the saddle & narrow switchback