Who we are


We are a group of mountain bikers that have set up an association whose purpose it is to share the nicest trails of Luxembourg with the rest of the world.


We do all have a lot of experience in mountain biking, both in Luxembourg and abroad, and mostly followed some training to become guides.


We only guide in areas of Luxembourg where we either are true locals or where we spent days and days recognizing the trails and exploring alternative routes. 


It is our pleasure to make you enjoy those tracks and we feel responsible for your well being and your safety.

Ferdy has been guiding his friends for years through the country before he started to set up this program of multi-day tours or trailcamps.


He not only knows the tracks to be followed but the whole area where he is guiding, with detailed information on History, Nature and People.


His home area is the neighbourhood of the capital of Luxembourg, in a triangle linking Mersch to Steinfort, but also towards the east, the so called "Grengewald".  His extensive scouting trips also made him familiar with most of the rest of the country, especially the Müllerthal, the Esch-sur-Sure area, the Our valley and more generally the "'Eisléck", the luxembourgish Ardennes. If he has only 2 or 3 hours to get his kicks, he rides the Hesper trails in the Alzette valley, close to the capital.


Pitt "never midd" is the youngster. Meet him in the middle of the Winter, and bet he is able to bike 80 km at an impressive speed. Pitt grew up on the edge of the Müllerthal and you can call the latter his home area. But he might also guide in the center of the country, up to the Belgian border and towards the city of Luxembourg, or even in the Ardennes.


Pitt regularly challenges himself through the participation at mountain bike races in Luxembourg or abroad, where he confirms his intrinsic gift for biking. If you find Pitt too quite, wait until dinner time, and let him relax in the middle of the group.

Christian as much as Luc, was born and grew up in the mining South of the country. Being a sports teacher, he is probably the one of the team with the biggest patience - even the most critical situation can't make him lose his nerves.


Christian not only knows the South but also the surprisingly trail-rich Mamer valley, as he covers the latter with his groups of pupils that choose mountain biking as their optional activity at his school. Hence he is also responsible for the next generation of happy bikers that participate in our tours!

As most of us, Jerry had other loves before mountain biking. After Volleyball came swimming (he is a swimming coach) but now he is a pure biker. As for Pitt, the Müllerthal is his local area.


Jerry is always at the disposal of the group, never too tired to help or to advice. As a former member of the committee of the VC Filano cycling club, Jerry knows how to organize events, and how to prepare tracks and trails that please everyone.